Family of Former Snead Principal Visit Campus For the First Time


Snead State Community College President Dr. Robert Exley welcomed a special guest to campus recently – the great-grandson of a former principal when Snead State was a high school.

Mike Minihan and his wife, Becki, of Wylie, Texas, visited the campus after hearing stories about “Boaz College” his whole life. Minihan’s great-grandfather was William P. Weston, who served as principal of the Boaz Academy from 1903-1906. During Weston’s tenure, the school’s debt was forgiven by benefactor John H. Snead, and the school’s name was changed to the John H. Snead Seminary in honor of the businessman’s generosity.

“I was very humbled, proud and impressed with what the college has become and very honored to have a small part of its rich history,” said Mr. Minihan. “Snead has a great success story. Growing up, I had always heard of Boaz (Snead) College but had never traveled there. I am now grateful to say that I have.”

“It was an honor to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Minihan. It felt like having part of Snead’s history come to life. Mr. Weston was principal during a critical time in Snead’s history, and it is very rewarding to know that this portion of the college’s history was shared with future generations,” said Snead State Community College President Dr. Robert Exley.

Weston served as the third principal of Boaz Seminary. He was said to have many friends throughout the country and did much to secure the good will of the people in the surrounding area. He was instrumental in increasing the enrollment of male students at the school, and a new boys’ dormitory was built to accommodate the students. Enrollment at the school included students from all across the Southern states.

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