Snead State Community College Hosts Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction Ceremony


Snead State Community College recognized the academic achievement of students at the fall induction ceremony for the Theta Iota chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society held Tuesday, Oct. 11.

Snead State English and Languages Division Director Dr. Cynthia Denham addressed the inductees. “At this point in your life, the ‘place’ that you find yourself is Snead State Community College. Your time in this place is brief. However, it will leave an imprint on you that will follow you the rest of your life.”

Dr. Denham earned an Associate degree from Snead State Junior College. As an alumna, she recalled the strong tradition in academics dating back to 1898 when the Boaz Academy (now Snead State) was founded. 

Dr. Denham said, “Even with strong tradition, Snead has not let itself be trapped in the past and, during its existence in three different centuries, has continued with service to the students of 2016. As the Snead seal once said ‘dedicated to hand, mind, and heart’ - all three have never been more relevant than in 2016.

“We preserve memories of ‘place’ for all of us who share the special experience of John H. Snead Seminary, Snead Junior College, Snead State Junior College, and now Snead State Community College. The name has changed, but the place has not. You are in a long line of students who have been at this place the past 118 years,” she said.

The fall induction ceremony was led by the current PTK officers: President Jessica Clontz of Crossville; Vice President/ Leadership Wesley Burns of Boaz; Vice President/ Service Ashley Norris of Fort Payne; Vice President/ Scholarship Jessica Hoang of Albertville; Vice President/ Fellowship Abby Hawkins of Guntersville; Recording Officer Carly Stephens of Boaz; Membership Director C.J. Shell of Boaz; and Public Relations Jasmine Mitchell of Attalla.

The fall 2016 inductees included: 

James Alexander, Madison Bailey, Jillianna Boyd, Kimberly Burgett, Casie Childress, Marlon Cordova, Deborah Davis, Molly Doyle, Matthew Fox, Rosemary Hernandez, Anna Hughes, Brenda Martinez, Brooklyn McCook, Leshea Perry, Jesse Phillips, Hannah Short, Adam Spurlin, and Casey Whitfield.

Kiel Harrelson.

Mary Bishop, Alexis Daniels, Brandi Daniels, Makenzie Evans, Zachary Haga, Anna Isom, Hunter Isom, Jonathan Johnson, Joshua Lecroy, Bethany Ponder, Christina Smith, and Michael Sorrells.

Maggie Jones.

Caitlin Killough.

Jordan Dean, Leslie Dobbs, Kelsey Freeman, Brooke McKinney, Audrey Mitchell, Shannon Owens, Alesha Pike, Sarah Riddle, Brandy Ross, Jared Smith, Elijah Walker, and Trista West.

Haley Bradley and Herminia Martinez.

Olivia Sharpton.

Amber Harris.

Diamones Spraggins.

Austin Ricks.

Shakira Leonard and Natasha Richardson.

Summer Guice.

Joshua Wright and Jack Pate.

Alyssa Bass, Emma Bright, Chandler Fisher, Ryan Howell, Sara Reese, Deborah Saye, Kendra Seeley, Gina Smith, Jayme Snider, and Michael Wilder.

Brooklyn Brothers, Sabine Kolakowski, and Lyndsey Nolan.

Sonja Bowen.

Joshua Black.

Ryan Dupree and Travian James.

Marissa Minyard.

Destiny Coleman.

Union Grove
Joshua Hood, Andrea O’Reilley, and Breanna Windsor.

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