Snead State Community College Nursing Program Achieves High Passing Rate on NCLEX Exam


Snead State Community College’s Nursing Program announces that its 2017 graduates achieved a high passing rate on the RN licensure exam.

The Alabama Board of Nursing included the passing rate in its annual review of nursing education programs. According to the review, Snead State achieved a 97.6 percent passing rate among nursing students sitting for the NCLEX exam for the first time. To remain in compliance with the Alabama Board of Nursing criteria, the program should earn a minimum 80 percent pass rate. 

“Our nursing program continues to exceed the 80 percent NCLEX passing rate required to be compliant with the Alabama Board of Nursing Administrative Code,” said Interim Program Chair Dee McClellan. “This degree of excellence is attributed to the dedication and hard work of the students and nursing faculty at Snead State. Nursing education is rigorous and demanding. It requires much dedication and sacrifice to be successful.”

Applications for the 2018-19 academic year will be available beginning Feb. 1. Anyone interested in becoming a nursing student at Snead State may complete the application once it’s available online at

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