Snead State Holds Spring Induction for Phi Theta Kappa


Snead State Community College recognized the academic achievement of students at the spring induction ceremony for the Theta Iota chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society held Thursday, March 31.

Snead State Humanities and Fine Arts Division Director Dr. Jonathan Watts addressed the inductees. As a former sponsor of Phi Theta Kappa, Dr. Watts spoke to the students as “one who sees the future.”

“I know who you are. I know why you’re here. And I know where you’re going. If our President Dr. Robert Exley was here, he would tell you how participating in Phi Theta Kappa can change your life. Your experiences will change how you evaluate and how you experience life. That’s how you develop your world view, and the reason you excel is because of your world view,” said Dr. Watts. 

“Everything you do, every goal you achieve, affects you and those closest to you, and they, in turn, will affect others. Your dreams and your hopes that you have today will guide you in making a difference in this great, big world,” he said.

The spring induction ceremony was led by the current PTK officers: President Caleb Tarvin of Boaz, Vice-President of Leadership Mayson Holcomb, Vice-President of Service Katy Chumley of Boaz, Vice-President of Scholarship Brooke Hubbard of Sardis, Vice-President of Fellowship Kacee Mashburn of Boaz, Recording Officer Tori Pendley of Haleyville, Officer Relations Mason Holcomb of Albertville, and Membership Director Becca Brooks of Sardis.

Spring 2016 inductees include: 

Makayla Allen, Allison Bailey, Payton Brown, Natalie Champion, Julia Davis, Zachary Dendy, Anna Fant, Marandajo Gilliland, Jessica Hoang, Lauren Johnson, Chelsie Knabel, Kristen Martin, Baylee Morris, Dylan Shadinger, Kaylee Shaver, Kaitlyn Smith, Dana Stidger, Jonathan Sutton, and Laura Williamson.

Dean Bell, David Cherry, Sabrina Culpepper, Timothy Graul, Douglas Howard, Gabriel Miller, Allison Snead, and Haley Thompson.

Jade Bailey, Ameila Bautista, Dusty Benefield, Dalton Bodine, Deven Bodine, Katie Cavender, Ericka Creel, Sarah Feemster, Bradley Handley, Keylon Harris, Jonathan Johnson, Kali Morgan, Logan Ridgeway, and Shannon Vanegas.

Darren Cook and Madison Cook.

Courtney Childers, Jennifer Harper, Jasmine Mitchell, and Arianna Patterson.

Tara Stanley.

Adam Allen, Lauren Allen, Warren Argy, Chasity Arnold, Hillary Bailey, Ashton Bruce, Wesley Burns, Brent Claburn, Morgan Denson, Doreen Harper, Mary Holcomb, Mira Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Allie Jones, Emma Kelley, Erin Kilpatrick, Courtney Lee, Christian Leonard, Angel Negrete, Kyle Sanders, Christian Jay Shell, Ra’Shaun Showers, Morgan Smith, Carly Stephens, Laura Waldrep, Leah Williams, Nicholas Williams, Trey Willoughby, and Lauren Wordlaw.

Columbus, Ind.
Evan Finke’

Jessica Clontz, Selena Reynoso, Heather Willbanks, and Brady Williams.

Nathan Doss.

Ramsey Hill.

Douglasville, Ga.
Brian Dansereau.

Fort Payne
Ethan Bethune, Britney Blackburn, and Ashley Norris.

Kossi Maglo and Brandon Matthews.

Wallace Armstrong, Marissa Hancock, Elaine Minor, Kimberly Norwood, and Damion Totherow.

Heather Crabtree and Autumn Martin.

Donnie Patterson.

Luke Broadus, William Camper, Karli Chamblee, Rachel Coe, Clayton Cox, Caitlyn Croft, Olivia Hawkins, Sarah Hawkins, Allene Howe, Andrew Kelley, Erin Lee, Riley Morrow, Saraya Morrow, Nickolas Neal, and Daylah Swords.

Katy Bole.

Holly Pond
Megan Denney.

Melanie Jackson and Alexander Weldon.

Laura Yarbrough and Erik Lemus Zapata.

Christine Hendrix.

Ellisia Kimble.

Alesha Triplett.

Rheagan Dangelo.

Powder Springs
Catherine Jett.

Stephen Duke.

Sardis City
Paige Cole.

Nathan Jones.

Union Grove
Allison Couch, Chelsey Durham, Sarah Gough, Courteney Griffin, and Robert Posey.

Charlsie Corum and Molly Venerable.

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