Snead State Instructor Returns to Oxford, England


One Snead State Community College instructor returned to Oxford, England this spring to conduct research for a new upcoming work.

Dr. Jonathan Watts, the religion and ethics instructor, spent four days at the University of Oxford conducting his research at the Bodleian Library, the second oldest library in Europe. The research for an upcoming work written by Dr. Watts entitled “The Ethical Dilemmas in Genesis: From Failure to Grace.”

Dr. Watts is an Oxford Foundation Fellow through the Graduate Theological Foundation, a program under the oversight of the Director of Studies for Theology and Religion in Oxford, the Rev. Dr. Robin Gibbons of Kellogg College, University of Oxford. During his recent trip Dr. Watts was able to visit with Dr. Gibbons.

Oxford Foundation Fellowships are designed as short-term, independent study opportunities for established academics desiring to take advantage of residency and research facilities in Oxford, England. The Foundation has been offering research fellowships since 1997.

Dr. Watts released a book earlier this year entitled “Our Hearts Strangely Warmed: A Practical Theology for Worship in the Wesleyan Tradition.” The book was written to coincide with his previous book, “The Battle Lines of Worship,” which traced the historical roots of worship in the Judeo/Christian traditions.  This companion book specifically addresses worship in the Wesleyan/Methodist traditions.

Snead State Religion and Ethics Instructor Dr. Jonathan Watts visited with Director of Studies for Theology and Religion Dr. Robin Gibbons of Oxford University during his recent trip to England to conduct research for an upcoming work.

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