Softball Adds Twelve to Program


 The Snead State Community College softball program and head coach Tracy Grindrod announced the addition of 12 student-athletes to join their team for the 2016-2017 academic year.

 “We have been able to land some really strong and successful players,” said Coach Tracy Grindrod. “I am thrilled with the class. We have some very talented seniors graduating this year and this recruiting class will help us significantly next year.”

Name: Lauren Adams
Position: Infielder
High School: Grissom

“She hit .365 with five homeruns. She was selected as All-Area and All-Metro for the Huntsville area. She plays with Green Flash travel team.”

Name: Ashlyn Benefield
Position: Catcher
High School: Pisgah

“She hits the power gaps and drives in runs with a .348 batting average. She is an All-Area selection and plays with Frost Falcons.”

Name: Madison Burt
Position: Infielder/Outfielder
High School: Sylvania

“Maddi is a middle infielder that hit .360 with a .385 on-base percentage. She was an All-Area and All-County selection and plays with the Sidewinders.”

Name: Torie Garner
Position: Pitcher
High School: Shoals Christian

“She is an All-Area, All-County, team selection. She throws hard with control and movement and hits for power with the ability to drive in runs. She plays with the Kraze.”

Name: Callie Kay
Position: Infielder/Outfielder
High School: Ragland

“She was selected as All-Area, All-County and All-State and also was selected to North All-Stars. She hits over .400 with speed to make things happen on the base paths. She plays summer ball with Bombers.”

Name: Hannah Lockhart
Position: Infielder/Catcher
High School: Walker

“She is an All-County and All-Area selection. She hit .385 and hits the gaps with power to all fields and plays summer ball with the Crush.”

Name: Paxton Nance
Position: Infielder
High School: Pisgah

“She is an All -Area, All-County and All-State team selection. She is a contact hitter with power and good range on defense and plays for Bama Pride.”

Name: Maddi Purvis
Position: Infielder/Outfielder
High School: Corner

“She is an All-Area, All-County and North Jefferson All-Star and All-State. Maddi is a contact hitter with speed and range on defense. She plays with the Crush.”

Name: Alora Terrell
Position: Pitcher/Infielder
High School: Scottsboro

“ She’s an All-Area, All-County Selection. She throws with great movement and command of her pitches. She hits for power and has a high average with a .404 batting average. She plays for the Bama Pride.”

Name: Cassidy Underwood
Position: Gadsden City
High School: Pitcher/Outfielder

“She is an All-Area, All-County selection. She’s a pitcher with deceiving movement and control. She hits for average and drives in runs and plays for the Titans.”

Name: Rilee White
Position: Pitcher/Infielder
High School: Cold Springs

“She is an All-Area, All-County, All-State and North All-star team selection. Rilee throws hard and hits for power with a .425 batting average. She plays for the Crush.”

Name: Haley White
Position: Infielder/Outfielder
High School: Lawrence County

“She was named to the All-Area, All-County teams. She has good control and movement. She hits for power with a .404 batting average and plays for the Crush and Sidewinders.”

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