Instrumental Instruction

Jazz Band

2014-2015 Jazz Band

Scholarship Auditions will be held the week of March 9-14, 2015.  Appointments for auditions can be made by email or phone.

Michael McGee
Music Instructor, Jazz Band and Community Wind Band Director
Phone: 256-840-4148
Office: 107 Maze Music Building

Audition material for WIND INSTRUMENTS will be the two selections found below with accompaniment, sightreading and the ascending chromatic scale starting on your lowest to your highest note. 

Audition material for RHYTHM INSTRUMENTS will be the two selections found below with accompaniment and sightreading. 

Audition material for PERCUSSION will be the Drum Patterns and sightreading.

Click on the following links for the audition material in PDF format:

Selection 1 
Selection 2 
Drum Patterns

Right click on the appropriate accompaniment link and save the audio file to your computer to practice with accompaniment.

Accompaniment for Selection 1 - Bass  
  Accompaniment for Selection 2 - Bass
Accompaniment for Selection 1 - Winds  
  Accompaniment for Selection 2 - Winds
Accompaniment for Selection 1 - Guitar/Piano
  Accompaniment for Selection 2 - Guitar/Piano

Piano and Guitar

2014 Music Scholarship Auditions will be held March 9-14, 2015. Scholarships are available in guitar, piano, voice and instrumental instruction.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Melinda Brooks
Music/Piano Instructor
Phone: 256-840-4145
Office: 112 Maze Music Building 


Robert Valentine
Music/Guitar Instructor
Office: 116 Maze Music Building 

Requirements are as follows:

Piano-Two contrasting selections from memory are preferred but not required. Pianists may substitute one selection with a sacred arrangement. 

Guitar-Students auditioning for a performance scholarship in guitar must prepare the following:
  1. Two octave major scale in any key
  2. Two octave minor scale in any key
  3. One octave harmonic minor scale in any key
  4. One finger style piece (any style)
  5. Be prepared to sight read a short melody in first position
  6. Candidate’s choice piece