College Street Singers


Dr. Barbara Hudson, Street Singers Director


Auditions for the 2015-2016 school year will be March 9-14, 2015. To schedule your Street Singer audition, please click here. Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your assigned time in order to fill out paperwork and learn the movement routine for your audition.

Audition Requirements:

  1. Singers are to prepare one piece from memory. The style should be whatever you feel shows your voice at its best: Classical, Pop, Broadway, or Sacred. Accompaniment can be CD or you may choose to accompany yourself with an instrument that you play. Singers needing a pianist should contact the school ahead of time with their request.
  2. Sight reading- you will be asked to sing your vocal line (S, A, T, or B) from an unfamiliar song.
  3. Vocalise- you will be asked to sing some short vocal exercises.
  4. Movement- you will be asked to perform a short movement routine that will be taught to you at the audition.

Street Singer History

In 1974, Glenn Maze, Chairman of the Music Department at Snead State attended a summer conference that featured an ensemble named Re-generation directed by Derrick Johnson, who is now known for his work with Disney. He was very impressed by the group’s singing style and positive image. Upon returning to Boaz, he met with Rebecca Lancaster, a vocal instructor at the college about the idea of organizing a similar group at the college. By the fall, ten singers and a sound technician had been enlisted and the Freedom Singers were formed. The group took the name Freedom Singers in anticipation of the country’s bicentennial Celebration. During the first year of their existence, the Freedom Singers performed 50 times and set a precedence of excellence and pride.

In 1977, the group changed their format from patriotic music to sacred and variety entertainment. They also changed their name to the College Street Singers after the major street running through the Snead State campus. They continued to perform in schools, churches, and civic organizations and events and averaged 30-40 performances per year.   In 1990 the group appeared at Carnegie Hall with the Manhattan Symphony Orchestra.

Concert Choir

The Concert Choir is a mixed-voice performing ensemble which is open to all Snead State students.

Rehearsals are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:00.

For more information, please contact Director Dr. Barbara Hudson at bhudson@snead.edu.


Auditions for the 2015-2016 school year will be held March 9-14, 2015. Scholarships are available in guitar, piano, voice and instrumental instruction.

Singers should prepare two contrasting selections to be performed from memory. At least one selection should be in the classical style, either an art song or folk song. Musical theater selections are also allowed, but popular songs from the radio should not be considered.

Dr. Barbara Hudson, Voice