Humanities Division

The Humanities Division will offer opportunities for students and community in the humanities. The Humanities Division will provide remediation for students who score at a developmental level for reading or English. It will enhance the composition skills of students for improved written communication in the academic and work environments. The Humanities Division will introduce students to literary, cultural, historical, and philosophical forces in American, English, and World survey literature; to cultural, theological, historical contexts of Old Testament and New Testament writings; to the history of major world religions; to the history of philosophy and study of ethics; to a basic level of Spanish and French language and culture; to opportunities for special topics through interdisciplinary studies; to methods and practice of oral communication; to mass communication.

Courses taught and programs of study related as part of the humanities include English, reading, religion, philosophy, Spanish and French, speech, interdisciplinary studies, and mass communication.

For a complete list of course offerings in this division, please click here.

For a list of Programs of Study within the Humanities Division, please click here.

Humanities Division Contact Information

Dr. Cynthia Denham
Humanities Division Director/English
Office: 107 English Building
Phone:(256) 840-4133


Rhea Armstrong

English Instructor
Office: 101 English Building
Phone:(256) 840-4121

Johnny Brewer

Speech Instructor
Office: 206S Bevill Center
Phone:(256) 840-4199

Marcia Broyles

English Instructor
Office: 103 Science Building
Phone:(256) 840-4215

Dr. Annette Cederholm

Associate Dean of Planning and
Research/English Instructor
Office: Administration Building
Phone:(256) 840-4142

Dr. Mark Freshwater
History/Philosophy/Religion Instructor
Office: Norton Building
Phone:(256) 840-4169

Pamela Moore
English Instructor
Office: 104 Science Building
Phone:(256) 840-4215


Terri Narrell
English Instructor
Office: 100 English Building
Phone:(256) 571-0650

Matt Smart
English Instructor
Office: 102 English Building
Phone:(256) 571-0615

Dr. Jonathan Watts

Philosophy/Religion Instructor
Office: 108 English Building
Phone: (256) 840-4125