Strategic Planning

The Strategic Plan, developed by the College Leadership Team, encompasses individuals from all areas of the College. Revised annually, the Strategic Plan helps guide the College in our day- to-day operations as well as long-term plans and goals. The focus of this year’s Strategic Plan is growth. We must consistently grow the College in many ways including enrollment, the variety of academic programs of study, and collaborative partnerships with our community.

We remain committed to three primarily strategic initiatives to foster this growth. First, we want our students to finish what they start at Snead, and we encourage every student to start their education at Snead with the goal of finishing. The College Completion agenda aims to retain students through graduation and to create life-long learners. Utilizing the newly established (2009) Student Success Center, we have made great strides but there are still areas where we can grow to provide more and better services for our students to keep them in college. There is also room for growth at our Arab Instructional Site by offering more classes and letting people know what is offered at this site. These three College goals are vital to the growth of Snead, and the strategic planning process will continue to play a vital role in guiding our work.