SSCC Foundation

Founded in 1989, the Foundation Board consists of citizens of the College community. Members are nominated by the President for confirmation by the Foundation Board. The purpose of the Foundation Board is to raise funds for providing assistance to initiatives that support the College’s effort to achieve excellence in education.

Since 2011, the Snead State Foundation has disbursed approximately $133,000 which has been used for scholarships, capital improvements, and special events. In 2014, the Foundation's investment portfolio reached $1 million for the first time since its establishment.

Foundation Board members include President Pat Courington Jr. of Albertville, Vice President Sharon Ainsworth of Guntersville, Vice President Randy Jones of Guntersville, Secretary Craig Wilks of Albertville, Treasurer Jack Hancock of Guntersville, Bob Weathers of Boaz, Clay Scofield of Arab, Harold Chitwood of Albertville, Dean Strickland of Boaz, Frank McDaniel of Albertville, Snead State President Dr. Robert Exley, and ex-officio members from the College, Chief Financial Officer Mark Richard, Alumni Director Shelley Smith, and Vice President for Student Services Jason Cannon.