Our Purpose

We believe that a college education is not just for the wealthy or for those who demonstrate past academic success. Rather, we believe that education and training for any one of us benefits all of us. Those who can benefit and who are willing to put forth the effort are welcomed and encouraged. However, far too many students simply do not have the financial resources to take advantage of these opportunities. One solution for these students is for Snead State to significantly increase its Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Endowment Fund

Simply put, an endowed scholarship fund provides a mechanism whereby your gift is secured in perpetuity and only a portion of the earnings from the gift are awarded each year in the form of scholarships. The fund is managed so that a portion of the annual earnings – say 25% – is always added to the principle, and in this way the principle continuously grows.

The need for the endowed scholarship funds is more important than ever before. The Snead State Community College Foundation has two types of endowed scholarship funds that are available to you.

One, for a contribution of $25,000 or more, the donor can have a restricted and named scholarship fund. With a restricted and named scholarship endowment, the donor provides the guidelines for how the College is to award the scholarship.

Two, donations less than $25,000 will be secured in an unrestricted endowed scholarship fund for the College to use at its discretion.

Both funds are opportunities for you to enrich a student’s life with the gift of a quality education.