Change of Major

Students may request a change of major in several ways:
  • Complete a Change of Major Request Form and submit it to the Admissions Office in the Technology Center, located beside the Bevill Center.  Our recruiters will assist you with printing a new STARS Guide, if applicable, and connect you with your new Academic Advisor.
  • Students may request a major change by sending an email to from their official SSCC webmail account with their name, S number, and what major they would like their program of study changed to. It is important to print a new STARS Guide, if applicable, and contact your new Academic Advisor prior to registration for the next term.
Students may find a listing of available programs and which Academic Divisions provide Academic Advising for each major by clicking here

Please note, all major changes will be effective for the following semester, as we cannot change majors mid-term, unless the student has been specifically requested to change their major by the Financial Aid office for eligibility reasons.